Mental peace:

          When you need piece of mind, you have to be in a position to receive it. The right time has to come so that you are ready to receive and you need to be fully prepared to be capable of it. However the basis of all these achievements is that you have to be well aware of the scripture. Thorough reading and understanding the scripture gives you the insight into accepting the rule of God. Helping you in this journey is the church of Shinchonji which is located in South Korea. It was founded by a person named Lee Man-hee who was born in the year 1931. The church came to be named as the shinchonji church of Jesus of SCJ for short.

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What is it about?

  • This is based on the temple that is mentioned in the bible called as the temple of the tabernacle. There is a testimony that has been said in the bible about it.
  • It is also about the promised pastor that has been mentioned the bible in the book of revelations.
  • They give a lot of importance to bible study and they expect the members to attend the church for at least five days in the week.
  • It also takes into consideration the promised theology that is mentioned in the bible in the book of revelations. It also gives some importance to the Zion Christian mission.


  • This is a church that is built in the year 1984 by Lee Man-hee who founded it in the above mentioned year.
  • It gives word about the heaven that has been mentioned in the bible about the heaven that has been promised to the believers.
  • They also give due importance to not just reading the bible but also to memorizing the bible as well.
  • You can become a member by sending an email by filling in the format that is readily available on the webpage.
  • The church has its members in more than a 100 countries throughout the world.
  • It has more than 300,000 members who are dedicated to the word that they preach.

Above all the church of Shinchonji is more about building the tribes all over the globe and they also give importance to achieving heaven.