Gdax – Get Complete Details

GDAX is the sleek trading platform that is created by Coinbase. Automatic account integration of Coinbase makes it simple to transfer any funds as well as adjust the profile settings. This platform is very easy to use as well as combines the rich trading features and with intuitive interface. I recommend gdax platform for anybody already making use of Coinbase.

User Experience

The GDAX packs the most powerful feature that is set in the well thought and concise out platform. When I navigated it for a first time, then it felt quite familiar and I did not feel lost and overwhelmed by UI elements. I think it is one good compromise between the professional functionality as well as novice simplicity. Many of account settings are just links to the Coinbase that I did not mind, but this throws you off being redirected away from the GDAX.


It is one of the best platforms for the beginners. Not like other exchanges and GDAX makes it simple to understand how you can use some advanced trading features such as Stop Loss or Limit features. It is simple to fund the GDAX accounts as it syncs with the Coinbase wallets.

Verification Tiers

As GDAX is operated and owned by Coinbase, and all Coinbase users have the account with the GDAX. Verification tiers are the same, except GDAX does provide the higher limits for the institutional traders. Finding the initial backers in the investment entities like Y Combinator, soon Coinbase found itself receiving “biggest funding for the Bitcoin startup” while it accepted around $5 million in the seed funding. It was one of kind investment amount in time for the cryptocurrency business. This was just one year later that the Coinbase grew having one million users as well as established itself as the credible entity just by forming the alliances with the popular firm to power the Bitcoin payment solutions.