Choose the best bed by understanding the difference between different beds

What is the difference between a box spring and a European bed? And between a European bed and an American one? If what you want is to know how to choose a bed, but you don’t know the differences between the types of beds available, here we tell you the differences. Click here for single bed singapore.

Box spring

These beds are made up of a base and a mattress. The base of the box springs is made of wood and springs (which can be soft or firm) and is covered with a padded finish. All this allows it to better adapt to the body and movement. Visit this site for single bed singapore.

American bed

This bed is made up of a base and a mattress. The difference between the box and the American bed is that, in the latter, the base is rigid and has no springs: it is almost like a large drawer, very firm and robust. As it is a harder surface, they are more recommended for people suffering from back pain.

European bed

This bed is very similar to the previous one. The difference between the American bed and the European one is that it has legs, which gives it greater height and an extra touch of design. In addition to this, the fact that it is in height will allow you to clean the lower part more easily. Ideal for those allergic to dust.

Multifunctional bed

They are all beds that fulfill more than one function and are perfect for small spaces, guest rooms or children’s bedrooms. An example? A bed in height that in its base structure has a desk and a dresser, like the one we see in the photo. All in one!