Temporary Car Insurances and Why You Need Them

Insurance companies are pretty useful when you want to avoid financial problems because of an accident or some unforeseen circumstances. The downside of an insurance company is that a policy is taken out for at least a month. Some insurance companies start with a six-month contract or a contract of one year. But what if you need a short-term policy? Is that even possible? Insure4aday offers these short term car insurance policies. Read honest reviews of Insure4aday here. This blog will tell you why you might need temporary car insurance.

short-term car insurance.A temporary car

You can’t drive a car, not even a rental one if you are not properly insured. In case of a rental vehicle, however, you don’t need a full policy of at least a month. A few days might be enough. The policy should only cover the days that the car is in your possession. That is only possible with short-term car insurance. You can select the number of days that you want to be covered and only pay for those few days. That might be useful when you want to rent a van for moving or a car for a business trip on the other side of the country.

Someone Driving Your Car

Even if you lend someone your car, both car and driver should be insured. The driver will not be covered by your policy unless you take out a second driver cover. Even if the driver is your partner, son, daughter or other relatives, the insurance company will not pay if you were not at the steering wheel at the time of the accident or breakdown. If you’re the one borrowing the car, you should know that the car insurance that is taken out by the car owner will not cover you if you happen to damage the vehicle. The accident may not be your fault, but because you are not assigned as a writer, the car owner has to pay for the damage.

Learner Driver Insurance

We all had to start somewhere and your parent’s car, a vehicle that is already familiar, might be a good start. But as is the case with borrowing a car from anywhere else, your parents will need to pay for any damage caused by your inexperience. No matter how careful and skilled you already are, you are not a well-experienced driver and even drives with decades of experience can get into an accident. A temporary learner driver insurance is a good option if you want to borrow your parent’s car to gain some experience as a driver before you buy your own vehicle.


Even though the insurance is temporary, make sure it covers everything you need. Third party liability is a must, but there are other things that are useful. Fire and theft are things that you might want to include, even if you only have the car to your disposal for a few days. You can make the policy as elaborate as you want it to be, just like any other insurance policy.