Surprising things that Affect Blood Sugar Levels (Natural Remedies to overcome)

There are millions of things that affect blood sugar levels and many times, these things are not in your control. Increased carbohydrate can raise the blood sugar levels and insulin brings it down! GlucoDefend (Find more information on is an amazing natural remedy that can aid in controlling blood sugar levels.

Surprising factors that might increase your blood sugar level


It can affect your blood sugar levels and unfortunately, stress is unavoidable! Learning to cope up with stress might help.

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Weather changes

Is it true? It’s surprising but hotter and colder temperature put additional strain on the body thus increasing the sugar levels. Temperature changes can lead to lower sugar levels due to ‘extra energy’ used by the body to stay cool or warm.


When you are sick, there are changes for the blood sugar levels to rise or fall. This happens due to poor diet and changes in the hormone levels.

Hormone changes

It could cause due to sleep cycles, diet changes and stress. Sometimes the reasons for hormone changes are unknown. This can have an adverse effect on the sugar levels. It’s always good to have natural aid, that can help reduce the symptoms of diabetes. GlucoDefend ( can improve appetite and keep the sugar levels healthy.

Caffeine addiction

Excessive intake of caffeine (in any form) can change the way insulin works in your body. And when there’s a direct impact on insulin secretion, you are at the risk of diabetes.


An average adult needs 7-8 hours of good sleep and those who are with diabetes need an extra few hours to keep the sugar levels in control. Sleep has a lot of advantages so, try going to bed earlier and keep your mental and physical body strong.


It isn’t surprising but ‘no-exercise’ can affect the sugar levels to a great extent. Increased activity can decrease blood sugar levels. Few hours of exercise in the morning and evening can keep you fit. And exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle.


The adrenaline released in your body can increase the sugar levels. Happiness, excitement and high level of emotional imbalance can affect the sugar levels.

Artificial sweeteners, dehydration is also a few of the reasons you must look. These reasons might look surprising but they are not avoidable. Whatever it may be, you can opt for a natural remedy that helps you stay healthy and fit.