Why You Need To Get A League Of Legends Account

account for LoL

There are so many computer games available today that even the most dedicated fans of PC gaming will hardly be able to tell you the exact number. However, only a small minority of them achieved worldwide popularity and claimed the status of a true hit. League of Legends is one of such games.

League Of Legends (otherwise known as LoL) belongs to a genre called Mobile Online Battle Arena and is considered one the most successful games of this niche. A League of Legends account allows player to take control of one of the dozens of heroes available in the game to compete with other players from all around the world.

The game was released back in October 2009 by a company named Riot Games and seems to have only grown more popular since then, with nearly 27 million users per day and 7.5 million being present in the game simultaneously.

The average LoL game session looks like this:

  • A group of ten or six players is divided into two teams of five or three respectively.
  • Each player chooses the hero they want to play.
  • Both teams are given a “base” protected by defensive structures, and a Nexus – the building in the center of the “base” that they must protect.
  • When the game begins, heroes controlled by players clash on the map, acquiring useful items and unlocking powerful abilities, until one team will be able to destroy their opponents’ Nexus.

account for LoL

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not exactly so. The number of heroes that League of Legends has, each with their own set of abilities and several available playstyles, makes every match different and unpredictable. Currently, LoL is still considered a big competitive game, with tens of millions of fans across the world.

How To Get An LoL New Account?

First of all, you need to fill in a form that can be found on the Riot Games official site. There you choose your username and password along with the email address that will be associated with the account. Then you will need to confirm your account by following the link sent to your email, as usual.

Then you download the game client and install it on your pc. League of Legends is free-to-play, so the file is available for download.

After installing the client, open it and follow the simple tips to choose your account’s avatar and customize its name.

With your account fully customized, you can go on and start enjoying your League of Legends experience!

So come and join the world’s largest gaming community in the fast-paced and strategic matches of LoL.

Moving your furniture couldn’t have been easier with umzugzürich

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When a person purchases a new house or flat, it calls for celebration and instant happiness. Whenever someone purchases a new house, the excitement level for those people is on another level. But with that happiness and excitement comes extra work. There are is a large number of things which the house owner should keep in mind. But the most important thing out of all that is moving your furniture from the old house to your new house. Moving your furniture can be a very difficult task, the main reason being that the furniture is generally huge and heavy to lift. Therefore, many people hire professionals for their jobs, these professionals are mostly furniture moving companies.

Mistakes which amateurs make while moving?

Moving the furniture can be a very difficult and time-consuming task, on the other hand, your furniture can also be damaged if proper care is not taken. These are the reason why should hire professional and not do it on your own:

  1. Incorrect loading of the transporter – professionals know very well on how to carry your furniture, without damaging them. Amateurs may end up damaging the furniture.
  1. An incorrect rebuilding of furniture – an amateur may incorrectly build the furniture sometimes. Professionals don’t make that mistake.
  1. Cleaning at the end of the contract – professionals or moving companies provide cleaning services of your own house once the moving is done. Amateurs will find it difficult to do that after moving the whole furniture.

Umzug: a moving company in Zurich

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